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Wide Variety of Services Offered

We’ve Got You Covered


 With our Home Again Microchip you can have peace of mind finding your pet. If your pet getslost she/he can be scanned for a microchip at any shelter or clinic for free. The microchip will have all your information and your pet can be brought back home safe with you.


 As your puppies and kittens grow it is important to have their immune system grow with them. Vaccines are crucial to your pets’ needs, and prevent many diseases that are carried by other animals around them.  We carry up to date vaccines that benefit your pets’ health and those required by the state. 


Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform routine diagnostic screening within minutes, ensuring your pet receives the most appropriate medical treatment in a timely manner.


 Our consults aren’t only important for sick pets, they’re important for healthy ones too! Consults can keep track of your pets’ health over time and can help the doctor diagnose any future problem your pet may have. After consulting with the doctor, he is able to prescribe any medication that’ll benefit your pets’ needs, including flea and heartworm prevention.


We’re fully equipped to perform both orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries for your pets. Whether it’s a routine spay/neuter or an emergency, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pet both before and after surgery.


 Maintaining your pets’ dental care can be a significant improvement in their health and quality of life. We provide one of the best dental machines and instruments to properly clean and polish your pets’ teeth. We give our time and effort to cleaning your pets’ mouth making sure their hygiene is up to par.


 With our digital x-rays it makes it easier for us to take multiple views and angles. Once your pets’ radiographs are taken, they are sent off to specialists for further diagnosing. If there is an immediate problem the doctor will notify the patient, but our specialists can catch what the doctor cannot, making sure we better your pets’ health.

What our clients say about us

Love Dr. Hassan.  He and the entire staff are excellent!  We have been going to Beechcrest animal clinic for 20+ years.  Dr. Hassan has treated four of our dogs since taking over the practice from Dr. Maxson.  He is caring and thorough.  Jordan is absolutely the best!  Love all of the staff and am very grateful for their care of our furry family members.

Annette R.

Owner | Houston

What our clients say about us

Have been taking my baby here since she was a little puppy and the staff here is so friendly and accommodating.

Emily S.

Owner | Houston

What our clients say about us

We took my dog there for a second opinion since my dog had stopped eating and lost a significant amount of weight. Instead of prescribing numerous medications like the first vet, Dr. Hassan ordered labwork in an effort to diagnose my dog. Upon arrival, Dr. Hassan and his staff were really nice and professional. They took the time to explain why the labs were needed and what my dog might have. Sadly, the news was not good, but Dr. Hassan made an effort to treat my dog in an effort to get him better. He was very sincere and professional. He treated my dog and was truthful when my dog showed no signs of improvement. We made the decision to euthanize him. Dr. Hassan and his staff made sure we knew each step in the process and allowed us time in the room to grieve. They even sent us a sympathy card and it was personalized and signed by each member of his staff. Even though our encounter was brief and sad, I was very happy to have taken my Randy to Dr. Hassan. In the future, I will make sure to take my future fur babies to this office. Thanks Dr. Hassan and staff for all you do!

Bren G.

Owner | Cypress